Olá, and nice to meet you!

Who am I?

My name is Inês João and I'm a Digital Product Designer based in Stockholm, Sweden, currently helping to design the No.1 app for people who love fishing - Fishbrain.
Originally from Portugal and with a background in Graphic Design and Requirements Engineering, it was during my time in Switzerland that I found my passion for UX/UI Design.

What do I do?

I love to solve problems - in design and daily life. My methodology relies on a user-centred approach combined with data analytics with the aim to reach a goal. I start with pen and paper to define interaction patterns and later visual concepts. I believe code helps designers & developers to work together, so I'm always keen on doing some in my spare time. I'm also starter by nature, so I'm always keen on organizing and bringing things forward. For a more detailed description about how I defined my way until now, check out my complete CV.

Fika anyone?

I'm happy to meet you and have a chit-chat. Send me an e-mail at ines.jo@gmail.com, call me at +46 073 032 58 13 or ping me on LinkedIn.

In case you just want to look around, check out my Dribble or Instagram.